Serei a única a irritar-se com a intromissão cada vez maior da publicidade nas páginas?!!Acabo de mudar a minha entrada na net em virtude destas publicidades que invadem constantemente a página do MSN. Mas não tarda isto vai acontecer por todo o lado...(Desculpem não traduzir o texto a seguir,mas não tenho tempo,agora...)

"London, 22 April 2009 – According to EIAA research released today, despite the credit crunch, the internet is continuing to prove the medium of choice for more advertisers as they seek to maximise return on investment. 70% of advertisers claim that their allocated online ad spend is increasing in 2009 and with this growth in the digital sector continuing (+21% in 2010 and +15% in 2011), it’s a medium set to be a rising star for years to come.

The EIAA Marketers’ Internet Ad Barometer, was commissioned by the EIAA to provide the most up to date insight into how advertisers plan to change their strategies in 2009 and beyond. The research explores economic and commercial issues for marketers today and how they will evolve their use of interactive media to target their audiences. The results reveal that online is playing an increasingly important role in overall advertising strategies with 47% of advertisers now regarding online as an essential factor within the marketing mix (vs. 38% in 2008 and 17% in 2006).

Budgets move from Traditional Media

Marketers continue to reallocate budget from traditional media to online, demonstrating the continued investment by marketers in the digital sector. The research indicates that the increase in online ad spend is coming directly from TV (37%* of advertisers claim the increase in online ad spend has come from TV), newspapers (32%*) and increasingly, magazines (46%*). This growth in digital demonstrates not only the accountability of the medium but also to the increasing value and time consumers are spending online (+28%† growth in weekly internet use in 2008 compared with 2004)."

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