The 'John Believes In Me' Contest

1. What you like about yourself.1. Despites I’m a grown up woman I like to be able to still sometimes see, feel and think things as when I was a child. It allows me a sweet escape from the madness of our fast-a-porter modern life where no one seems to care about each other anymore but often spends hours chatting with strangers in the internet… but also gives me the fuel and the perspective I need to create my imaginary world in paper were with words and draws I can make it all perfect!
2. What you don't like about yourself that you can change.2.I don’t like the color of my hair. Now I have dark brown hair and that’s my natural color. But for almost five years I was blonde and I enjoyed it a lot! I had to quit blonde color when I got unemployed because I can’t afford a monthly hairdresser visit!!!Well, this is the truth but I don’t want you and your readers to tagg me as a futile woman so I must say that I dislike being so distrustful of people I meet.
3. What you can do to make that change happen in #2.
3.So I can get the Marilyn Monroe hair looks back again but I’d better try the Totoloto Saturday Lottery as Portugal isn’t the best place on earth to get a job these days. Or I can post an ad on TV to find myself a very wealthy guy to pay my hairdresser bills, a kind of Italian mecenas for beauty, a football player maybe! Of course you’re not taking me serious this time and you shouldn’t. First I never take fortunate games because I’m unlucky since I remember. So now you’re asking yourself what am I doing entering your contest. I’m the masochist kind of blogger that never wins but never gives up. I’m kind of a tree that is said that dies on its feet standing. Ok, now I will be a Christmas tree and your giveaway is the present missing beneath it!! Oh, about the ad. It might be an idea to explore when I’m starting to get gray hair instead of brown hair and still no job! So right to the bottom line - we have a say: gato escaldado de água fria tem medo. Literally this means a burnt cat is afraid of cold water. I think it’s easier to become blonde again than to change the way I feel...
4. What you can't change about yourself and haven't accepted.4.I went to law school and hated it and hated the job after it, and quit the job, and went to social work area and now I have no job. But since I was in law school that I felt and knew that what I really wanted to be, what I really wanted to do every single day of my life was to become an artist, a painter or something like that. I still haven’t accepted that I was too coward, to weak to leave law school and start fresh and embrace my inner call…
5. What you can do to overcome #4.
5.Well in a certain naïf way I overcome it because there are plenty of self taught artists around and I’ve been trying hard to learn the most and improve my skills since I was fired from my last job. And I intend to keep the route! At last I had the time and liberty in my life to do it and it has been a party except for the money thing! But still there is a certain sour regret and a feeling of waste of my youth years in a struggle with books that I hate and court routines and dull and dark realities that turned my school and professional and emotional life into misery when it should have been about joy of knowledge and professional satisfaction, I guess ...And that’s it! Sorry for my so-so English!I think I’m late for the contest anyway but I enjoyed entering!

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John C said...


I have you down as entered. Congratulations, and best of luck!


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