NancyyJoelMessage #2
09/07/07 05:20 PM I would have held both her parents responsible a long time ago.People should never ever leave their small babys alone!!!I hope they go to jail
ScotiaNYMessage #3
09/07/07 05:23 PM I think things like this happen every day and the media picked up on it because it involves a cute little white girl. I wish the media would focus more on real tragedies such as Darfur.
Ladygator65Message #4
09/07/07 05:25 PM The parents are idiots. You don't leave small children alone anywhere. To leave them alone in a foreign country so they could go party is just insane.
fireflysmgMessage #5
09/07/07 05:27 PM I would not be able to breathe if I thought my 4 year old was in the hands of someone using her and abusing her without my protection. Death in this case, would be a tragic but more blessed option. The world is full of sicko's, which would include her parents if they did not tell the truth to protect themselves. In that case, they did not deserve her.
fuzzybuzzyMessage #6
09/07/07 05:27 PM I have never been able to get past the fact that 3 children under the age of 5 were left alone in the night.
If they arent guilty of the dissappearance, then they need to be guilty of neglect.
fash-o-momMessage #7
09/07/07 05:27 PM I've got two words to say about this: JonBenet Ramsey
This case smells suspiciously like the one in Boulder, Colorado, and the parents were never charged, but that "umbrella of suspicion" was never removed. I think the parents of both children acted suspiciously, and when I see Madeleine's mother on TV, she has a weird flat affect, doesn't seem to be very traumatized by her daughter's "abduction" (read: murder). It certainly looks as if her mom knows a lot more than she is telling.If my 4 year old daughter were missing, I'd be hard pressed to even speak of the subject without breaking into tears and wailing.
skip1149Message #8
09/07/07 05:28 PM I concur, the parents should go to jail for leaving their children alone. They can afford a trip - they can afford a babysitter for 2 hours. Do I think that the parents had anything to do with the girl missing? Unfortunately yes. It's sad to say that this day and age that parents treat their children like so much disposable )(*)(*&()_)(**&....
mswnyMessage #9
09/07/07 05:32 PM And did I read correctly...they are BOTH doctors??? I guess what they had in "smarts" to attend medical school they lacked in common sense. Stupid.
Sylv1234Message #10
09/07/07 05:33 PM I think everyone saw this coming - from the beginning. It is truly heartbreaking that they could do something like that to her, or any of their children. And it has NOTHING to do with her being a "cute little white girl" - it has to do with her being a human being, and even more heartbreaking - a small, innocent child. Some people are always looking for a way to sneak the "color issue" into everything!
gumbo79Message #11
09/07/07 05:33 PM Another Patsy Ramsey
ChabaccaMessage #12
09/07/07 05:34 PM Oh my gosh, they went to dinner and left their children alone?! All under the age of 5! That is child neglect and endangerment. They should be charged with that at least. What stupid parents they are, people like that don't need kids.I agree, they most certainly could afford someone to babysit.

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